I'm using QuickRun to execute php files or part of php code by selecting it in Visual Mode. I have this mapping in my .vimrc

nnoremap <leader>r :QuickRun<CR>
vnoremap <leader>r :QuickRun<CR>
inoremap <leader>rr <Esc>:QuickRun<CR>

It does work great. But to make it work with selected code in Visual Mode I have to add <?php before selected text. For example I have code like:

echo 'first line test';
echo "\n";echo "\n";
echo 'second line test';
echo "\n";echo "\n";

I select just this 2 lines:

echo 'second line test';
echo "\n";echo "\n";

and by pressing <leader>r how can I add <?php tag before selected lines and then reselect it again to run it by :QuickRun<CR>?


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  • The visual mode range is stored in the '< and '> marks. You can set this with m< and m>.
  • You can start visual mode with the last selection with gv
  • You can add lines to the buffer with the append() function.

Combining this, we could use something like:

" The range keyword makes sure we run this function over the
" entire range, instead of over each line in the range
fun! SetRange() range
    " Append the text before the visual selection
    call append(line("'<") - 1, '<?php')

    " Expand visual selection by one line
    execute ':' . line("'<") - 1
    normal m<

    " Reselect
    normal gv

    " Run your function

noremap <Leader>r :call SetRange()<CR>

If you also want to remove the added line, you could use the normal mode dd command. Expanding this function to do that is left as an exercise for the reader ;-)

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    +1 Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. I just had to change QuickRun to execute "'<,'>QuickRun" or I would get an error "PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /tmp/vduL2VG/10 on line 5" Again, thank you very much. It does work great.
    – whitesiroi
    Commented Feb 25, 2016 at 12:59

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