The plugin transwrd.vim allows to to easily swap two words by pressing <A-t> while having cursor on the latter word. For example: two words becomes words two.

I think the pattern which designates a word is contained in the g:transwrd_wordpattern variable and is (as default) the following: \k\+

Is it possible to define an advanced pattern which allows to be more programming language savvy (while still working for normal words)? Eg.

param[0], param[1]  -->  param[1], param[0]
int call1()         -->  call1() int

This way it could also be used to swap function arguments (related to this other question).


Yes, if you can come up with a regular expression that will, alone, capture everything you consider to be a "word." The plugin uses the pattern stored in g:transwrd_wordpattern to identify words by finding two matches and then swapping the characters in the matched ranges.

Doing let g:transwrd_wordpattern='[a-zA-Z0-9\[\]\(\)]\+' will, for example, let it match both of your examples.

  • Good! Thinking about it, I included in the list between [ and ] after the 9, the char _ in order to consider as "word" identifiers like foo_bar Feb 10 '15 at 20:43

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