I am trying to use the backslash key \ as the local leader. I have done this before in other vim environments but on my windows pc the backslash key just makes an error sounding beep.

I have tried to mess with ttimeout but I don't think that is the problem. I can use my Leader key , just fine.

Thanks for your help

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    You might be interested by this answer. It is about MacVim but I think it is also relevant for gVim with windows.
    – statox
    Feb 24, 2016 at 8:39

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There was no problem with Vi. It was a problem with me.

As the question statox referenced discusses, the beep is because there are no commands using the backslash key.

In my case, this was because the ftplugin I was trying to use had not been loaded correctly. After fixing that all worked OK

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