Assume the content:

foo fnord bar;" >> /tmp/foo/derp
gnarf foo fnord bar;" >> /tmp/foo/derp

I want to jump to the " and delete to end of line and repeat that over the rest of lines.

Yet when I:


it only deletes from my current cursor position to the end of file.

foo fnord bar;
gnarf foo fno

Yet I would have expected the line to read:

gnarf foo fnord bar;

How can I have vim repeat the jump movement as well on repeat?

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    Can't you just use a macro? qqf"d$j – fruglemonkey Feb 17 '16 at 12:31

From the repeat documentation :

.           Repeat last change, with count replaced with [count].
            Also repeat a yank command, when the 'y' flag is
            included in 'cpoptions'.  Does not repeat a
            command-line command.

So, as expected, you're repeating the last change (d$).

If you want to repeat your movement, use ;:

;           Repeat latest f, t, F or T [count] times. See |cpo-;|



You could map a binding to perform ;. at the same time, if you want.

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