Using CtrlP with GVim I often need to open a file with the name from the system clipboard (on Windows). So my workflow should be:

  • Ctrl+P
  • {somehow paste name from the clipboard}
  • Select file and open it

In the CtrlP input line I tried:

  • Ctrl+R+ - it didn't work. Ctrl+R is remapped by CtrlP.
  • Ctrl+Ins it inserts "+P

The equivalent without CtrlP plugin would be:

:e **/Ctrl+R+TAB

So my question is, how can I paste into the CtrlP input line from the system clipboard?

Note: This is not a problem, if using vim within the console, where proprietary coping and pasting is implemented.

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You can paste from any register (including the clipboard) into CtrlP, as explained in :help ctrlp-pasting:

  <Insert>,                                                   *'ctrlp-pasting'*
    Paste the clipboard content into the prompt.

    Open a console dialog to paste <cword>, <cfile>, the content of the search
    register, the last visual selection, the clipboard or any register into the

Choose your own mappings with |g:ctrlp_prompt_mappings|.

Using the default mappings you should type Ctrl+\ followed by c (the 'c' appears on the input prompt for clipboard).

Another options are to use the Insert key or the middle mouse button.

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