I have this in my .vimrc

let $ROOTPATH=FindRootDirectory()
nnoremap <leader>ct :!clear<CR>:!$ROOTPATH/app/Console/cake test %:p<CR>

Is there a way I can write this in one line?

Using vim-rooter pluguin

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nnoremap <leader>ct :exe "!clear; ".FindRootDirectory()."/app/Console/cake test %:p"<CR>

The key is the :exe command, which executes its argument strings. In this case there is one argument string, which is the concatenation (. operator) of "!clear; ", the output of the FindRootDirectory() function, and "/app/Console/cake test %:p". The <CR> terminates the mapping. I transformed the two shell commands into one, but you can use two commands if you prefer. See

:help :exe

An alternative to @garyjohn's answer is to use a map expression, i.e.

nnoremap <expr><leader>ct ':!clear<cr>:!' .
  \ FindRootDirectory() . '/app/Console/cake test ' . expand('%:p') . '<cr>'

With the <expr> keyword for the mapping, the right-hand side is evaluated and it's result will be used as the mapping. In this case, the result is the concatanated string. See :h map-expression for more details.

  • +1 Thank you very much. It does work perfectly. Sorry for not accepting you answer. Learn a lot. Again, thank you man.
    – whitesiroi
    Feb 16, 2016 at 8:03
  • 2
    No problem, you can only mark one answer as accepted. Which answer you prefer is of course up to you. I just wanted to show a different way of solving the same problem, and I think both solutions are relatively equivalent. Feb 16, 2016 at 8:07

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