I am write a plugin for neovim in python using this client and I looking for a way to offer completion when executing a command. I have look at the following example to structure my plugin. As an example, I could have a command Foo and when you call it the first time:

Foo bar

the second time you could autocomplete:

Foo b<tab> -> Foo bar

as an example my this is what my plugin look like in my ~/.config/nvim/rplugin/python3/my_plugin.py:

import neovim

class MyPlugin(object):
    def __init__(self, vim):
        self.vim = vim
        self.current_args = []

    @neovim.command("Cmd", range="", nargs="*", sync=True)
    def CmdHandler(self, args, range):
        if args[0] not in self.current_args:

And I guess I would need to write a function for the completion for the command?

def MyCompletionFunction(self, args):

and set my function as completion function for my command. any help appreciated

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First of all, when you define a new command in the way I do, a user-command, you can specify in which way the command will be autocompleted (command-completion) and there's a lot of choices. So the way I did it is with a customlist function as follow:

class MyPlugin(object):

    def __init__(self, vim):
        self.vim = vim
        self.values = []

    @neovim.command("Cmd", complete='customlist,MyFunc', range="", nargs="1", sync=True)
    def Cmd(self, args, range):
        new_value = args[0]

    @neovim.function("MyFunc", sync=True)
    def MyFunc(self, *args, **kwargs):
        return self.values

so each time I exec the command

:Cmd value1

next time, I can

:Cmd va<Tab>  -> :Cmd value1

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