I am on Windows 10. I just installed Vundle and now I am trying to run the PluginInstall command. However, I am getting errors saying it can't open a file in AppData/Local/Temp. This does occur on all plugins (at least it seems so).

I am using gvim, which I ran as an admin to make sure it wasn't permissions related. I have tried restarting my machine, as I was doing updates anyway.

Why am I having this issue? Please advise.

P.S. I have looked in AppData, the file it is looking for doesn't exist.

[screensnippet of gvim and error[1]

As the comments suggested, I tried set shell=git and the errors changed to:

Error processing - screensnippet

I will try out the links.


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Do you have git installed? Vundle uses it to process the installations and it is not by default on Windows.

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