I am an average user of vim and LaTeX. I hate using anything but the keyboard while working on the computer. Following popular recommendations I have been using vim-LaTeX for few years now and have not used anything else. I love it. But sometimes when I am writing something (heavy technical writing) then few things seem difficult such as tables. I know tables are not the most intuitive part of LaTeX, but I was wondering if I am missing anything using vim-LaTeX. Are there any better options that you can suggest? Kindly also mention (if possible) what are advantages and disadvantages of switching. Thanks in advance.

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    This question is closely related to this, which has some potential useful answers, for instance my answer about vimtex. – Karl Yngve Lervåg Feb 9 '16 at 20:24
  • Thanks Karl. It was helpful and now I know about one more possible plug in I can try. May be I have compare their features to arrive at the answer I am looking for. – Abhinav Pratap Singh Feb 9 '16 at 20:32

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