Say I am mixing English and German in my documents and have my spelllang variable set accordingly. How do I indicate, when I want to mark a word as good, to which spellfile it is to be added?

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    If you provide a list of spellfiles, zg takes a count to decide which spellfile to add to.
    – muru
    Feb 8, 2016 at 20:22

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The credits goes to @muru for this answer since his comment gave the solution 3 months ago. I write this answer to let users searching for this question know that it has a solution.

The variable spellfile may be a comma separated line of files. Those files are used to add "good words".

The command zg allows to add a "good word" to the files in spellfile. By default the good word will be added to the first entry of spellfile but when used with a count the command will add the word to the nth file listed in spellfile.

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