You can reflow a paragraph with gqip (or gqap).

Is the fastest way to sort a paragraph vip:sort<cr>? Or is there some shorter keystroke for sorting?

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    Afaik there is no mapping that sorts given lines. (at least :helpgrep sort didn't turn up anything in the change.txt file) Feb 2, 2016 at 23:12

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You could define a "sort lines" operator like this:

function! s:SortLinesOpFunc(...)

nnoremap <silent> \s :<C-u>set operatorfunc=<SID>SortLinesOpFunc<CR>g@

\sip will sort the paragraph under the cursor and, in general, \s{motion} will sort the lines moved over by {motion}, inclusively.

See :help :map-operator.


You can create a simple normal mode mapping:

nnoremap <key> :'{,'}sort<CR>

usage from normal mode: <key>

or a more flexible visual mode mapping:

xnoremap <key> :sort<CR>

usage from normal mode: vip<key>

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