How do I get the width in columns of the area available for text in the current split. If columns is 110, but 5 of that is gutter, signs and numbers, I want 105.

EDIT: This is a duplicate of https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26315925/get-usable-window-width-in-vim-script/26318602#26318602

(but I can't flag it as a duplicate because it's not in Vi and Vim)


I hate to see a question count against the site's unanswered list when there are good answers linked, so here's a community wiki containing some of those answers.

From https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26315925/get-usable-window-width-in-vim-script we have Christian Brabandt's answer, a snippet that uses redirection to make a query and math to calculate the result:

redir =>l:a |exe "sil sign place buffer=".bufnr('')|redir end
let l:signlist=split(l:a, '\n')
let width=winwidth(0) - &numberwidth - &foldcolumn - (len(signlist) > 2 ? 2 : 0)

On that same question, Ingo Karkat mentioned that he has a vimscript with that and other functions:


Use the ingo#window#dimensions#NetWindowWidth() function.

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