I would like the first line of some documents I have to be highlighted as a comment.

I would like something like:

syntax match myTypeComment /{apply only to first line}^.*$/

But I don't know how this regex should work for only one line (e.g. the first line) in syntax matching.

Thank you very much!

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You can use the \%1l; this will match a specific line.

For example, to highlight the first line if it starts with # Hello:

:syntax match myTypeComment /\%1l# Hello.*/
:hi myTypeComment ctermfg=red

This also works for other lines (e.g. \%42l for the 42nd line) and you can use \%42<l and \%42>l for lines before or after the 42nd line.

Also see :help /\%l.


You can use the \%l regex atom to make sure to match at a particular line. So you would likely want something along the lines of this:

:syntax match myTypeComment /^\%1l#.*/

See also the help at :h /\%l


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