I have something like this :

neckbeard: "https://appa.com/emoji/neckbeard/c8ec7bf188.png",
metal: "https://appa.com/emoji/metal/9f936a4278.png",
fu: "https://appa.com/emoji/fu/2f615de37f.png",
feelsgood: "https://appa.com/emoji/feelsgood/7bcbaa15fa.png",
finnadie: "https://appa.com/emoji/finnadie/08e66eb46d.png",
goberserk: "https://appa.com/emoji/goberserk/d8b892d59b.png",
godmode: "https://appa.com/emoji/godmode/1bd6476fbb.png",
hurtrealbad: "https://appa.com/emoji/hurtrealbad/b9c3d648e6.png",
rage1: "https://appa.com/emoji/rage1/0c3685290c.png",
rage2: "https://appa.com/emoji/rage2/feaf8897c6.png",

And I want this


I tried a macro @ai:<esc>f"D0 did a visual select to all the line and then :'<,'> @a but I get E488: Trailing characters: i:. I've tried with a default vimrc without plugins.


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I have to user normal

So it's :'<,'> norm @a

And it's work

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