Sadly over time a few of my mappings have ended up overlapping.

For example I toggle wrapping with \w but I later introduced a mapping on \wi.

As a result, when I press \w, Vim waits for some time to see if I will follow it with i.

Since I usually don't want to wait, I will often hit Space to force Vim to recognise that no i is forthcoming.

But of course hitting Space has the minor side effect of pushing me forwards one character.

So is there a better keystroke I could use than Space which would result in no action being taken?

I accept that this might be a two-keystroke operation. An example could be y Escape, which I assume does nothing. But a better choice would be easier to hit (Escape is a long way to reach) and possibly use a meta combination (Ctrl-C is faster/easier to perform than CtrlC, isn't it?).


It seems any key you map to <Nop> correctly terminates the mapping, without doing anything else. With

set notimeout
inoremap w foo
inoremap ww bar
inoremap <space> <Nop>

You can use w<space> to insert foo, and ww to insert bar. Of course, this would be the same as mapping w<space> in the first place, expect for the fact the "mapping-completion-key" is generic.


I am considering using jk to end the timeout.

These are pretty easy to hit, and usually leave me back where I started.

The one exception is if I was sitting on the last line of a file, then jk will ring the bell, and leave me on the line before last.

(For my most common use case, they are also conveniently on the opposite hand from \w).

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