My research hints that there is no way to have a JS file properly formatted without going through installations.

I wonder whether there is a minimal effort way of doing it in vim. What are your opinions on that one? What do you recommend? Can't this be achieved by an appropriate configuration of a .vimrc file?

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I recommend filtering your buffer/file through a node module called js-beautify (also available as a python module):

:%!js-beautify -f -        " whole buffer
:'<,'>!js-beautify -f -    " selected lines

Here is the custom command I have in after/ftplugin/javascript.vim:

command! -buffer -range=% Format let b:winview = winsaveview() |
    \ execute <line1> . "," . <line2> . "!js-beautify -f - -j -t -s " . &shiftwidth |
    \ call winrestview(b:winview)

That command works on the whole buffer by default or on any range, while keeping the cursor position and, more or less, respecting indentation settings.

Read $ js-beautify --help for the available options.

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