I'm looking for a plugin that will autocomplete closing brackets for me. Furthermore, I'd like it to space and tab the inner block automatically.

I've tried a number of them where if I'm typing python for example, I'll get into situations like this (* represents my cursor):

def myFunc(){

So I get the autocomplete on the }, but it 1) doesnt indent for me and 2) leaves the closing bracket on the same line. Instead, I'd like to be able to do something like this:

def myFunc(){

Where as soon as I hit enter within the {} it will correctly indent for me and shift the closing bracket 2 lines down. This is the case in most languages I use (javascript, CSS etc)

Are there any plugins that can do this?


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lh-brackets does it indirectly.

When it detects you hit <CR> within a pair of {}, it will insert everything that is required. By default, it'll just insert {}. You'll have to use -nl option of :Brackets to force the newline every time (I went back from this configuration)

It's currently defined only for curly brackets, if you want it for other kind of bracket-pairs, you'll have to adapt this snippet of viml:

if lh#option#get('cb_newline_within_empty_brackets', 1)
  call lh#brackets#enrich_imap('<cr>',
        \ {'condition': 'getline(".")[col(".")-2:col(".")-1]=="{}"',
        \   'action': 'lh#brackets#_add_newline_between_brackets()'},
        \ 0,
        \ '\<cr\>'
        \ )

(i.e. change the condition, or use instead lh#brackets#define_imap() that takes a list of condition+action)

But, brackets in Python? Really? BTW, this language may incur side effects regarding automatic indentation.

  • gah I've been jumping around languages lately and ive got a mix of JS and python in my brain hence the brackets! I'll take a look at that plugin, thanks. Was hoping for something that works out of the box though
    – Simon
    Dec 18, 2015 at 20:12

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