I am using Vim in my windows PC . Currently I am working with a web project and I want to use Vim as code editor.

I tried to download and add the http://emmet.io/ plugin to Vim editor from this site but couldn't get how to do it. The documentation I found is only for Linux machine. Can any body help?


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First, lets view the steps listed in the README for installing the plugin in Linux. the steps are:

  1. Download the zip.
  2. run cd ~/.vim
  3. run unzip emmet-vim.zip

I'm assuming you know how to do the first step.

The second step requires you to change directory into the ~/.vim folder - the folder where (also) the plugins are saved on Linux systems. This folder on windows gVim is called vimfiles, so just open the file explorer in the installation directory of gVim, and open the vimfiles folder.

The third step is extracting the contents of emmet-vim.zip into the folder you navigated to in the previous step. You should be able to do that quite easily in windows.

The answer is based on the following doc: Simple steps to help you install gVim on windows 7


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