I'm playing with conceal in help files to highlight / colour specific text strings which was working fine until I added the :print: example below.

conceal example

Using this concealed all the : as expected so I tried to escape the : around the word print

 :%s/[^[:print:]]//g : 

The original conceal statement was

syntax match myIgnoreHc /[:#]|[#:]/ contained conceal -Oopswrong original
syn match myhelpCommentHc       "[:#]\s.\{-}\s[:#]\s" contains=myIgnoreHc

I changed the match to

syntax match myIgnoreHc /[:#]\s\S\|\S\s[#:]/ contained conceal 

which worked if I wrote the :print: as : :print : however I'd prefer to escape or tell the parser to ignore the match in certain situations eg :: or ## as the :print : isn't what I was after :).

Any suggestions?


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