I want to enable omnifunc in my MacVim whenever I start to type in a few of leading words, such that whenever I type np., the completion list pops up to show me the candidates (e.g. np.random, np.trunc, etc...).

In default, you are bothered to type in <c-x><c-o> to make the list pop up. In the post over Stack Overflow, some users assign the combination to different keymaps (e.g. just type in : to make the list shown up).

However, I want to call the list without typing in any keys, much like you can do in Xcode. I also want to get out of the suggestion if I don't need it, much like in Xcode, which I think is not feasible in standard settings.

How can I make it in Vim?

I use Vim 7.4 and neocomplete.


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