I'm using vim-easy-align plugin and when in bash scripts I try to align $ at the beginning of variable names, the aligning adds spaces around the delimiter, i.e. <space>$<space> which of course makes those variables meaningless.

Are there options or tips to temporarily or permanently disable this? for specific delimiters? That is, to allow spaces around = and other delimiters, but not the variable leaders such as $.

Should I make a \$\w regex instead of just using the $?

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    What happens if you add $ to the iskeyword option (for sh files) ? – VanLaser Dec 4 '15 at 17:52
  • Thanks for the tip, but doesn't work. I used set iskeyword=@,$ with a shell file open and there was no difference in the easy-align results - still space on either side. Same spacey thing with = signs and other characters used. – Cometsong Dec 7 '15 at 14:46
  • ok, I've now figured out that the plugin has other variables to set the margins on each side of the character to align. I'll need to create a special function for all uses to make default left and right margins=0. – Cometsong Dec 7 '15 at 14:53

FileType solution, just for reference to whoever can use it....

"---- Easy Align ---- {{{
xmap ga <Plug>(EasyAlign)
nmap ga <Plug>(EasyAlign)

augroup FileType sh,perl
  let g:easy_align_delimiters = {
      \ 's': {
      \     'pattern':       '\$',
      \     'ignore_groups': ['Comment'],
      \     'left_margin':   0,
      \     'right_margin':  0,
      \     'indentation':   'shallow',
      \     'stick_to_left': 0
      \     },
      \ '=': {
      \     'pattern':       '=',
      \     'ignore_groups': ['Comment'],
      \     'left_margin':   0,
      \     'right_margin':  0,
      \     'indentation':   'deep',
      \     'stick_to_left': 0
      \     }
  augroup END

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