I want to 5yy and then separately paste 5 lines in arbitrary locations in order of a b c d e instead of a separate yy p for each line.

Are there any plugins or Vim script that would service this type of workflow? Or is there a basic set of macros that would help me achieve this?

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If you paste into order, we could imagine something that consumes one line in the unnamed register (or any other) each time it's used.

:nnoremap £ :call append('.', matchstr(getreg(v:register),"\\v.{-}\\ze\n"))<cr>:call setreg(v:register, substitute(getreg(v:register) , "\\v.{-}(\n\|$)", '', ''))<cr>

(Of course, a function (and using :put= instead of append()) would be better. This is just a quick and dirty solution. From a function we could have used matchlist() instead of matchstr() + substitute())

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