I recently saw this video about tmux and vim and instantly fell in love with the color theme used in the video. Luckily the presenter (Nick Nisi) provides a link in the video-description to his .vimrc an more resources.

I looked through his GitHub repository and saw that he used a theme called delek. It seems like delek is preinstalled with vim, but I also found another download for it.

Well, my vimdoesn't even look close to the vim as shown in the video. I't not sure whether I used a wrong theme or if I somehow screw up my colors. I'm using the Terminal-App under Mac, which supports 256 colors and I'm pretty sure that iTerm (that's what Nick uses in the video) only supports 256 colors as well. So this shouldn't be the problem...

I'm actually using neoVim, but this should't play a role neither. Here is my .config/init.vim (neoVim's equivalent to .vimrc):

" Setup NeoBundle {{{
" If vundle is not installed, do it first

  " Install NeoBundle if not already installed
  let bundleExists = 1
  if (!isdirectory(expand("$HOME/.config/nvim/bundle/neobundle.vim")))
    call system(expand("mkdir -p $HOME/.nvim/bundle"))
    call system(expand("git clone https://github.com/Shougo/neobundle.vim ~/.config/nvim/bundle/neobundle.vim"))
    let bundleExists = 0

  if 0 | endif

  if has('vim_starting')
    if &compatible
      " Be iMproved
      set nocompatible

" Required:
    set runtimepath+=~/.config/nvim//bundle/neobundle.vim/ 

" Required:
  call neobundle#begin(expand('~/.config/nvim/bundle/'))

" Let NeoBundle manage NeoBundle
" Required:
  NeoBundleFetch 'Shougo/neobundle.vim'

" colorscheme & syntax highlighting
  NeoBundle 'https://github.com/vim-scripts/delek.vim'

  call neobundle#end()

" Required:
  filetype plugin indent on
  if bundleExists == 0
    echo "Installing Bundles, ignore errors"


" Themes {{{
  syntax on

  set encoding=utf8
  let base16colorspace=256
  set t_Co=256
  set background=dark
  colorscheme delek

" Miscellaneous {{{
  set clipboard=unnamed
  set foldmethod=marker

It would be awesome if anyone of you guys would know whether it's a problem with the terminal, the (probably) wrong theme or my config?

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    What does the :set t_Co command display? It should tell you how many colors vim thinks to be available. This may be wrong; you may try to force 256 colors with :set t_Co=256 – Thomas Baruchel Nov 28 '15 at 10:00
  • Hey! Thanks for your help, but I just think I got a wrong color theme. I have no idea, where the right one is, but I just choose another one I like even more. If anyone knows the name of the theme he used in the video I'm happy to know it though. – LastSecondsToLive Nov 29 '15 at 19:48

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