I remapped my hjkl keys to ijkl, but in netrw, "i" switches view styles.

How to change this? Is it possible to change this?

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If you want your cursor to move left when pressing i in the built-in file browser netrw, then try adding the following code in your $MYVIMRC file :

augroup netrw_mapping
    autocmd filetype netrw call NetrwMapping()
augroup END

function! NetrwMapping()
    noremap <buffer> i h

The reason why your custom mapping didn't have the expected result, is probably because netrw set up mappings that are local to the buffer (using the <buffer> option), which means they override your global mappings.

The previous code adds an autocommand that automatically calls a function whenever you enter a buffer whose filetype is netrw. The function then sets up your mapping using the <buffer> option, which means it should be able to override the local mapping previously done by netrw.

I found the workaround from this post.


A simpler solution is to put your config in .vim/after/ftplugin/netrw.vim:

noremap <buffer> i h

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