I've looked at Vim 80 column layout concerns and Showing a different background colour in Vim past 80 characters and tried the solutions provided there. They seem to work, however, only for some simple ordinary .vimrc's, not for spf13.

When I add, say,

set textwidth=80
set colorcolumn=+1

to a simple .vimrc, I get

enter image description here

But when I try to add these two lines to ~/.vimrc.local (as mentioned in spf13) for customization, I get nothing. Do I need to set something else like ~/.vimrc.before?

I'm not sure if my way of customization is too naive, or if there is already some instruction on this that I've missed. Has anyone succeeded in setting a different background color or layout for columns beyond 80 when using spf13? Thanks.

BTW I'm using VIM 7.3 on UBUNTU 12.04.


The problem seems to be in Solarized. If I comment out color solarized in .vimrc it works.

On a normal vim install :highlight ColorColumn gives me:

ColorColumn    xxx term=reverse ctermbg=1 guibg=LightRed

And the xxx example shows a red background, but with Solarized it gives me:

ColorColumn    xxx ctermbg=235 guibg=DarkRed

and the xxx example shows as normal text (black on white in my case).

I didn't really investigate the cause of this; but I fixed it by adding this to the .vimrc.local:

set textwidth=80
set colorcolumn=+1

highlight ColorColumn term=reverse ctermbg=1 guibg=LightRed
augroup colorcolumn
    autocmd ColorScheme solarized highlight ColorColumn term=reverse ctermbg=1 guibg=LightRed
augroup end

The autocmd isn't strictly required, but if you change colour schemes all highlights are reset, so this makes sure it applies the fix again.

  • This seems still not working for me. But thanks anyway. Mar 4 '16 at 23:56
  • @WanxinGao Does it work if you uncomment the color solarized? If not, try disabling the plugins that SPF13 includes and see if that fixes it... Mar 5 '16 at 0:06
  • Yeah. My bad. After commenting out color solarized it finally works. Actually I also uncommented it back and then it is now all OK with Solarized. Mar 6 '16 at 20:54

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