I copied the code from vim-thai-keys to my .vimrc file and made a few adjustments.

My problem: Typing the '2' key while using the Thai keyboard in Normal mode either sends me to /search mode or moves the cursor two spaces to the right and I am thus unable to use 2 in a keystroke navigation or editing combination.

Note: The symbol on the Thai keyboard corresponding to the English key '2' is '/'.

Changes made to .vimrc file and the results of typing '2' from the Thai keyboard while in Normal mode.

  1. :map / 2Result: Cursor moves 2 spaces to the right

  2. :map \/ 2Result: Sent into /search mode

  3. nnoremap / 2Result: Cursor moves 2 spaces to the right

  4. nnoremap \/ /Result: Sent into /search mode

    All of the other numbers and key stroke mappings seem to work wonderfully.

(Yes, I restarted vim after editing the .vimrc file) :) :)

Question: Is there a way to map the '2' key so that while in the Thai keyboard in Normal mode I am able to use it as a normal 2 in navigation and editing keystroke combinations?

Bonus points: Should I use :map or nnoremap in my .vimrc file for these key stroke mappings and why.

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    You might have an extra space character after the nnoremap / 2. If so, you're basically moving 2 spaces to the right, since :h <Space> states that it is equivalent to l (move "[count] chars to the right"). Alway use the *noremap form, unless you know you need recursive mappings.
    – VanLaser
    Nov 14, 2015 at 14:13
  • Yes indeed. There was a space after the 2. Nov 15, 2015 at 18:30

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A simple solution is to use the <Leader> key which I have chosen to map to <space>.

map <space> <Leader>
nnoremap <Leader>/ 2

Make sure there are no spaces after the 2.

Another useful mapping for Thai is:

nnoremap <Leader>ไ W

This resolves the conflict on the Thai keyboard with the " key while removing the need to include the <shift> key.

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