I would like to know how to highlight multiple tokens in the same line.

For example, if I want to highlight the value of 'a', I can write something like this:

syn match num  'a=\zs\d\+\ze,b=\d\+.*'

This would highlight the number 42 in a=42,b=5.

Now what if I want to highlight both numbers? I know that something like 'a=\zs\d\+\ze,b=\zs\d\+\ze.*' won't work because it only highlights the last number.

Please note that I don't want to highlight all the numbers in the line, so if I have a string like (a=1,b=2,c=3), I only want to highlight 1 and 2 (i.e. the values of a and b).

Edit: Also note that a and b should be adjacent, with b following a. So (a=1,b=2,b=3) should highlight only 1 and 2.


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Given that:

so if I have a string like z=5,a=1,b=2,c=3, I only want to highlight 1 and 2 (i.e. the values of a and b).

This works:

syn match Number "[ab]=\zs\d\+"

Or this:

syn match Number "\(^\|[\s,]\)[ab]=\zs\d\+"

The below one won't match variables like faaa=.. or xxxb=

  • I did not make myself clear enough, please check the edited question.
    – Kira
    Nov 11, 2015 at 16:35
  • 1
    @Kira It is long time I haven't written syntax file. I have to test with your example. however I don't get time right now. But I think you need to use the contains, contained and nextgroup check :h syn-nextgroup for detail, there is an example.
    – Kent
    Nov 11, 2015 at 17:14

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