I'm using filetype indent on in my vimrc, generally this works very well, when pressing return it sets the indentation properly (in most cases).

However it has a very strange/annoying behavior, of re-indenting a line, when editing some text to that line. eg, editing a CMakeLists.txt, typing endif( will re-indent the the line based on vims indentation logic (in other cases too, this is just an example).

Is there a way to enable filetype indent when adding in new-lines, but not have it attempt to re-indent existing text while typing?

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    In addition to filetype indent, the settings of fo (formatoption) modifies vims indent behaviour. I would check the settings with :set fo? Nov 9, 2015 at 13:57
  • I'm curious: Is there a reason why you have not marked my answer as correct? Perhaps I am wrong (I do not think so)? Nov 16, 2015 at 21:02

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You can modify the indent behaviour through the option indentkeys. The docs explain things relatively well:

A list of keys that, when typed in Insert mode, cause reindenting of the current line. Only happens if 'indentexpr' isn't empty. The format is identical to 'cinkeys', see |indentkeys-format|.

If you do: :echo &indentkeys, you will see that the filetype plugin for cmake adds for instance ENDIF(. Thus you might want to do something like:

set indentkeys&

To reset the option to its default value. Note that this should come in $VIM/after/ftplugin/cmake.vim (or similar) so that it is sourced after the regular filetype plugin.

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