I want to check if a string consists of n or more words.

I use the following regex to check for 3 words, but the match returns true?

:echo '  hello world  ' =~ '^\(\s\{-}\w\+\)\{-3,}'

How to make regex matching "n" or more words?


I don't know if it's correct, but to check if a string contains 3 words or more I would type this :

:echo 'some random string' =~ '\v\s*(\w+\s+){2,}\w+\s*'

For 4 words or more :

:echo 'some random string' =~ '\v\s*(\w+\s+){3,}\w+\s*'


Edit: Peter Rincker's answer seems much better and shorter :


Not sure but I suppose it can be read as :
very magic mode enabled (\v), a word (\w+) followed by either a whitespace (\s+) or (|) the end of the string ($), everything being repeated 3 or more times ({3,}).

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    Shorter regex: \v(\w+(\s+|$)){3,} – Peter Rincker Nov 6 '15 at 15:21

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