I recently had an 'rm -rf' related mishap in my home directory ( Ubuntu 14.04 installation ).

Vim ( v 7.4.52 ) and the add-on package 'vim-youcompleteme' had been installed prior to the mishap and worked perfectly .

After recovering from my goof-up, I noticed that the completion features from 'vim-youcompleteme' no longer seemed to be working.

I tried complete removal of the package ( apt-get purge vim-youcompleteme ) and subsequent re-installation, hoping that this would reinstate the aforementioned add-on package and its capabilities. This didn't help.

I suspect something in the resource / settings data must have gotten corrupted.

I am hoping for suggestions that would lead to the resurrection of the completion feature for Vim.

Many thanks in advance!

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The addon packages in Debian/Ubuntu are typically managed using the vim-addon-manager package.

Once an addon package is installed, you run vam install <addon> to enable it in your user's config. In this case, you likely want to run vam install youcompleteme but vam list can confirm the addon name.

  • Hi there @jamessan. thanks for your solution. It worked ...and I learned something new about this very important tool we use ( Vim ).
    – darbehdar
    Commented Oct 28, 2015 at 7:17

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