There are various questions and answers about disabling/blacklisting certain file types.

How do I disable syntastic for all but one filetype? (Let's say Python.)

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    Oct 26, 2015 at 20:20
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From the syntastic docs:

Default: { "mode": "active",
           "active_filetypes": [],
           "passive_filetypes": [] }

Use this option to fine tune when automatic syntax checking is done (or not done).

The option should be set to something like:

let g:syntastic_mode_map = {
    \ "mode": "active",
    \ "active_filetypes": ["ruby", "php"],
    \ "passive_filetypes": ["puppet"] }

"mode" can be mapped to one of two values - "active" or "passive". When set to "active", syntastic does automatic checking whenever a buffer is saved or initially opened. When set to "passive" syntastic only checks when the user calls :SyntasticCheck.

The exceptions to these rules are defined with "active_filetypes" and "passive_filetypes". In passive mode, automatic checks are still done for filetypes in the "active_filetypes" array (and "passive_filetypes" is ignored). In active mode, automatic checks are not done for any filetypes in the "passive_filetypes" array ("active_filetypes" is ignored).

If any of "mode", "active_filetypes", or "passive_filetypes" are left unspecified, they default to values above.

If local variable 'b:syntastic_mode' is defined its value takes precedence over all calculations involving 'syntastic_mode_map' for the corresponding buffer.

At runtime, the :SyntasticToggleMode command can be used to switch between active and passive modes.

You probably want something like:

let g:syntastic_mode_map = {
    \ "mode": "passive",
    \ "active_filetypes": ["python"],
    \ "passive_filetypes": [] }

You could disable syntax checking for a specific filetype by overriding the default checker and tell him to use none.

let g:syntastic_filetype_checkers['python'] = ['python'] " will use python as checker
let g:syntastic_filetype_checkers['python'] = []         " won't use any checker

You could set this option to be empty for every filetype you don't want to be checked.


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