I'm having a problem using the command-line window (help cmdwin), which is extremely useful, but it doesn't play well with macros.

cmdwin is invoked with q:, so if there is a macro being recorded, the 'q' ends the recording.

Here's the general chain of events:

qw          # start recording a macro in register w
q:          # enter cmdwin to perform a command,
            # expecting it to be recorded, but the q cancels the
            # macro

I don't think it's relevant, but I have : mapped to q:, making cmdwin the default way of invoking commands. I love cmdwin, but macros are essential.

Is there a way to make them play nicely?

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You can access the command line window with the alternate command :<C-F>, i.e. press Ctrl-F when in command line mode. Eventually you can rebind : to :<C-F>.

  • Thank you, this is perfect. I updated my mappings and it works flawlessly. :<C-F> for commands, /<C-F> and ?<C-F> for search.
    – mwcz
    Feb 6, 2015 at 15:42

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