I have multiple indent rules for same file type. I'd like to try them separately. How do I see which one is active? :set filetype is correct.

I did manage to change the rules by disabling all other indent files manually, but there probably is a better way?

In this case I have >5 different Javascript indent versions I'd like to test. (Mac default, Pangloss, web-indent, etc.)

  • Can you provide an example of one or more of your indent rules? It's not clear what you are sking.
    – ap0
    Oct 22 '15 at 14:59
  • Better? Rule being a indent file that (to my understanding) does the formatting when you indent lines.
    – mkpaa
    Oct 22 '15 at 19:45

Most indent files will either:

  • set indentexpr and indentkeys;
  • set cindent and cinoptions.

You can check the values by appending a question mark, and you can see where an option was set by prefixing it with :verbose. For example for JS:

:verbose set cindent?
        Last set from /usr/share/vim/vim74/indent/javascript.vim
:verbose set indentexpr?

Or for Python:

:verbose set cindent? 
:verbose set indent
        Last set from /usr/share/vim/vim74/indent/python.vim
  • :verbose answered my question!
    – mkpaa
    Mar 3 '16 at 15:15

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