I think it would be useful to have possibility to swap true and false values in the code rapidly, with combination ctrl+a or ctrl+x. Is there some plugin for that or something else?

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I wrote a plugin (toggle-bool) to toggle the boolean values you can try it. It supports the following boolean values:

  • true <-> false
  • yes <-> no
  • on <-> off
  • 0 <-> 1

There is switch.vim, and it's customizable.

The main entry point of the plugin is a single command, :Switch. When the command is executed, the plugin looks for one of a few specific patterns under the cursor and performs a substition depending on the pattern.

For example if the cursor is on the true in the following code:

flag = true

then upon executing :Switch, the true will turn into false.

  • You're welcome! I have this crazy idea of a 'vim-dwim' plugin that acts differently based on syntax under cursor (e.g. when hitting Enter), and I think I'll heavily inspire myself from this plugin. If I ever get to start making it, that is.
    – VanLaser
    Commented Oct 21, 2015 at 18:42

Plethora of Plugins

Toggling true/false and similar has been implemented by many plugin authors. Two of them have already been mentioned:

  • switch.vim by Andrew Radev (#4172, github) and
  • toggle-bool by Sagar Rakshe (github).

Others are toggle by Timo Teifel (#895), monday by Stefan Karlsson (#1046), toggle_words by Vincent Wang (#1676), toggle_word by Alexandru Ungur (#1748), incbool.vim by Dmitry Petrov (#4361, github), nextval by Michael Arlt (#4536, github).

Just in case you want to increase numbers according to a custom series, e.g. the Fibonacci series, check out nexus by Barry Arthur (github).

Plugins Supercharging Ctrl-A/X

However, not all of them follow by default the idea to extend Ctrl-A/X but define a new command and/or a new mapping (incl. switch.vim and toggle-bool). I want to highlight those plugins which 'supercharge' Ctrl-A/X out of the box and, therefore, provide by default what the OP has asked:

A related plugin which also extends Ctrl-A/X is speeddating by Tim Pope (#2120, github) which allows you to increment dates.


Some plugins allow to combine a second Ctrl-A/X incrementor plugin as a fallback, e.g.

  • SwapIt by Michael Brown:

    nmap <Plug>SwapItFallbackIncrement <Plug>SpeedDatingUp
    nmap <Plug>SwapItFallbackDecrement <Plug>SpeedDatingDown
    vmap <Plug>SwapItFallbackIncrement <Plug>SpeedDatingUp
    vmap <Plug>SwapItFallbackDecrement <Plug>SpeedDatingDown
  • cycle by bootleq:

    map <silent> <Plug>CycleFallbackNext <Plug>SpeedDatingUp
    map <silent> <Plug>CycleFallbackPrev <Plug>SpeedDatingDown
  • switch.vim by Andrew Radev:

    nnoremap <c-a> :if !switch#Switch()<bar>call speeddating#increment()<bar>endif<cr>
    nnoremap <c-x> :if !switch#Switch({'reverse': 1})<bar>call speeddating#decrement()<bar>endif<cr>

If you use the seek behavior of the builtin Ctrl-A/X (find next possible value in line to increment), supercharging them can interfere.


change the mapping to what you want to use

the undo is in case you use it on top of a space, since ciw will edit the space instead of the word (and there's no easy way to get to the right word reliably)

function SwapBool ()
  let s:w = expand("<cword>")
  if s:w == "false"
    normal ciwtrue
    if expand("<cword>") != "true"
      normal u
  elseif s:w == "true"
    normal ciwfalse
    if expand("<cword>") != "false"
      normal u
noremap <C-F> :call SwapBool()^M

also note the ^M needs to be <C-V><Enter>, not literally ^M

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    Welcome to this site! Note that it would be interesting to add a condition which would make the function like the built-in <C-a> and <C-x> when the current word is not a boolean, this way OP would really be able to use these mappings. Also you can use <CR> instead of ^M in your mapping, and it is usually a best practice to provide a mode to your map command, here nnoremap would be more appropriate than noremap.
    – statox
    Commented Nov 30, 2019 at 9:18

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