I am looking for a way to enhance vim gf command

class Myclass
  include Mymodules::HardToFind

I have started with installing tpope/rails-vim:

Easy navigation of the Rails directory structure. gf considers context and knows about partials, fixtures, and much more.

But I think I have a problem with path variable in my vim.

When my cursor is a the beginning of the include and I hit gf I am getting:

E345: Can't find file "include" in path

When I move it at the beginning of Mymodules::HardToFind I am getting:

E345: Can't find file "mymodules/hard_to_find.rb" in path
  • So the first problem is the path - How should I configure it?
  • Second one is it possible to have the file loaded regardless of the cursor position in a given line?

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