I have a multiple file/folder project that looks like the following.

├── 0_Preamble
│   ├── 01_TitlePage.tex
│   ├── 02_TitleBack.tex
│   ├── 03_Dedication.tex
│   ├── 0_Preamble.tex
├── 1_Theory
│   ├── 11_Problem.tex
│   ├── 12_RelatedWork.tex
│   ├── 1_Theory.tex
│   └── img
├── 2_Experimental
│   ├── 21_CodeStructure.tex
│   ├── 22_Data.tex
│   ├── 2_Experimental.tex
│   └── img
├── 3_Conclusion
│   ├── 31_PrincipalResults.tex
│   ├── 3_Conclusion.tex
│   └── img
├── _master.tex
├── _master.toc
├── _references.bib

Each folder has a main file with the same name where all the other files from that folder are included.

For example, 1_Theory.tex has the following:

\chapter{Theory Aspects}

The master file _master.tex (which is the main file that is compilated) includes all the main folder files, this means:


I've been trying to use the vimtex plugin, which normally support multifiles project, as long as these are all included from the same main file (if I understood correcly from the docs).

Anybody knows how to use it with a project like mine? Another more suitable plugin is also an option.

Most of all, I would like the auto-completion function to work (with labels, references, etc.).

  • Hi. First, if you have a particular issue with vimtex, please don't hesitate to open an issue on github. So, do I understand correctly that the main file, that is, the one you would initiate compilation with, is the file 0_preamble/0_preamble.tex? Oct 6 '15 at 11:11
  • Hmm, no, I see you include it in the master file with subimport. I've not heard of this command, but it explains why things don't work with vimtex. If you want support in vimtex, you must open an issue and explain what subimport is. I'll consider to add the feature. Oct 6 '15 at 11:17
  • Hi, I didn't think at first to have any issues with vimtex. It was more a question about how to use it and set it up for it to work with my project. subimport is part of the import package, which allows to have a file structure like the one shown. The main file is _master.tex: it's from there where the compilation starts. Thanks for the comments, I will open an issue.
    – tomasyany
    Oct 6 '15 at 13:45

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