I'd like to be able to create the commands

nmap oo o
nmap oi o<Esc>
nmap OO O
nmap OI O<Esc>

but the problem is that o triggers immediately and the second character ends up in Insert mode. nnoremap o <nop> doesn't fix things.

Can I "disable" the o command while still allowing it to be mapped?

Obviously I could just use a leader mapping, but I figure I might as well try and go ham with it.

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You can run

nmap o <nop>
nnoremap oo o
nnoremap oi o<Esc>
nnoremap OO O
nnoremap OI O<Esc>
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    Thanks! I had the noremap stuff backwards. Although I'm already getting used to <leader>o and <leader>O... Oct 5, 2015 at 19:21

I feel like you mappings are designed to create black lines. This is a common task here are some quick mappings to put in your vimrc file.

nnoremap <silent> [<space> :pu! _<cr>:']+1<cr>
nnoremap <silent> ]<space> :pu _<cr>:'[-1<cr>

If you prefer a plugin then I suggest Tim Pope's unimpaired.vim. Which supplies these mappings, but will also take a count. The plugin also has many other nice mappings.

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