I would like to change the visual highlight color in xoria256 colorscheme to the following:

make the background brighter but keep the color of the letters the same. I've seen people do it and I really like it.

I played with Visual and VisualNOS highlight groups but I was not able to figure out how to do it. I'd really appreciate any advice on the matter.



These are the current lines 75 and 77 of xoria256.vim:

hi Visual       ctermfg=255 guifg=#eeeeee ctermbg=96  guibg=#875f87
hi VisualNOS    ctermfg=255 guifg=#eeeeee ctermbg=60  guibg=#5f5f87

You will have to change the values according to the xterm palette.

  1. Choose a color swatch,
  2. use the number in the bottom left corner for ctermfg and ctermbg,
  3. use the corresponding hexadecimal color for guifg and guibg,
  4. do :colorscheme xoria256 to reload your colorscheme and preview your changes.
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