Is anyone using the polytonic Greek spell file successfully? I get Error detected while processing /Users/lawrence/.vim/spell/polytonic.utf-8.spl: E763: Word characters differ between spell files.

PS. Sorry, I was impræcise before: I get this error only when combining Greek with English, after set spell and set spelllang=polytonic,en_gb (regardless of whether in .vimrc or session). It works fine, though; but the error message is a bit annoying.

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I followed instructions as described at github. This is the result.

enter image description here

Only way I could reproduce the behaviour mentioned previously was when I haven't set spell in my .vimrc but tried to enable spelling in open Vim through command.

So maybe that is what is missing. Another possible explanation may be that there is an error in your file, so try to download it from github, and set it again.

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