Consider the following text:

long foobar=(test);
int  barbar=(something);
char foofoo=();

Suppose I have yanked some chunk of code which I want to place before each opening parenthesis, e.g. funcName. What I currently have to do is just manually enter the addition after selecting e.g. all the ( via CtrlVjj, and then after pressing I, enter funcName (thus disregarding contents of yank register).

Is there a way to instead insert the text before selection, like I'd do using P for a single line?


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In insert mode, you can use <C-r>" to insert the content of the unnamed register (replace " with b if what you want to insert is stored in register b):


You could also use the "normal" command so that it would work even if the ( are not aligned.

Vjj To select the three lines

:normal f(P To execute f( (find first () and P to paste on all three lines.

This makes it also easier to repeat (by selecting other lines, hitting : and Up

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