I often start new projects in the same way. I guess it exists a way to be fast a starting a project.

For example: I am trying to start new composer project with the following function. I perfectly see the string 'New Project name: '.

But when I press enter, my cursor just goes on top of current file.

function! CreateProject()
    let new_name = input('New Project name: ')
    exec '!composer create-project foo/bar ' + l:new_name + ' 1.0.0'

For concatenating string, you should use . instead of +.

I don't have composer installed, so instead of calling composer, I simply called the unix echo function like so :

exec '!echo ' . l:new_name . ' 1.0.0'

And it prints the entered name with the 1.0.0 after.

Ref :

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    You have no composer, but you solved my problem. It is running!!!
    – sensorario
    Sep 12 '15 at 9:49

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