I have kickstarter installed. I used Mason to install the arduino LSP implementation. The arduino CLI is installed along with the standard arduino IDE, clangd, and treesitter.

Im using a lilygo gsm 7000 arduino-based board, so I went over to their GitHub and pulled the an example code file to start working with.

After pasting it into Neovim I just have a solid white text: no color, no correction recommendations, etc.

Am I supposed to make additional changes to any files?


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You have to set the filetype of the buffer to arduino (you can achieve that by running the :set ft=arduino command).

If you save the file with a .ino extension and reload it Neovim will set the filetype to arduino automatically (as @Heptite mentionned).

  • Thank you very much. Commented Jun 27 at 2:28
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