What to add to init.lua such that / set the CLI with:

  • / followed by the selected text if any
  • / otherwise
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I would do in Lua:

vim.api.nvim_set_keymap("v", "/", '"vy/<C-r>v', { noremap=true})

Or its equivalent in Vimscript (for init.vim):

vnoremap / "vy/<C-r>v

With this in Visual mode:

  • "vy yank the selection in the v register
  • / tiggers the search
  • <C-r>v paste the content of the v register into the command line

Plugin Suggestion:

You could be interested by the vim-visual-star-search plugin that extend the * search to the selected text.

In Vim if you hit * in Normal mode Vim searches for the next occurrence of the current word. With vim-visual-star-search if you hit * in Visual mode Vim searches for the next occurrence of the selected text.

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