I've migrated from Vim to Neovim, including my old .vimrc, and all packages on ~/.vim. This seems to work mostly fine, but, for some reason, colors and syntax are different:



I've tried the set termguicolors! command, as suggested by j`ey on #neovim @ Libera.Chat. The background color seems to match, but the syntax highlight is still messed up. Also, for some reason, I need to explicitly call that command; adding it to init.nvim has no effect. Is it possible to solve these issues?

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    neovim has a new default colorscheme that is different to vim. Might be it if you don't have colorscheme setup in your configuration.
    – Maxim Kim
    Commented Jun 7 at 2:16

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New default color scheme. It has different (I'd argue, better) definitions and links of built-in groups. Adding colorscheme vim or source $VIMRUNTIME/colors/vim.lua restores previous defaults.

Option 'termguicolors' is now enabled by default if terminal emulator is known to support it. Adding vim.o.termguicolors = false makes it work like previous default.


So basically set the colorscheme to what it used to be and disable termguicolors.

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