I encountered a question when I tried to config neovim with clangd for c&cpp programming on Windows 11. The softwares and platform used are list below:

  • Windows 11
  • Neovim 0.10.0
  • llvm-mingw 20240417
  • cmake 3.29

I have created hello_world.cpp file to test the clangd configuration. The file could be build by clang with no error. When viewed with neovim, there is a error in the iostream header file which say "In included file: 'vcruntime_exception.h" file not found". There is no 'vcruntime_exception.h' on my machine.

enter image description here

When I added the option '-fno-ms-extensions' into the .clangd file, the error change to 'In included file : no member named 'value' in 'std::is_trivial' and 'In template : no member named 'value' in std::is_standard_layout<...' enter image description here

The clangd configuration in lsp and compile flags in .clangd are listed below:

            ["clangd"] = function()
                    -- on_attach = function (client, bufnr)
                    --   client.server_capabilities.signatureHelpProvider = false
                    --   on_attach(client, bufnr)
                    -- end,
                    capabilities = capabilities,
                    -- cmd = {
                    --  "clangd",
                    --  "--log=verbose",
                    --  -- "--query-driver=C:/Users/onebot/scoop/apps/llvm-mingw/current/bin/g++.exe",
                    -- },
                    -- filetypes = {
                    --  "c",
                    --  "cpp",
                    -- },
  Add: [ 
    # -std=c++17,
    # -stdlib=mingw,
    # - "-fms-extensions"
    # -fno-ms-compatibility,
    # -fno-ms-extensions,

I want to correct these errors, but I don't know how to do as a newbie in neovim and clangd.

  • Did you use CMake to create a compile_commands.json as explained in clangd's docs?
    – Friedrich
    Commented Jun 5 at 4:46
  • Welcome to Vim! Maybe could you add the code of your cpp function to the question. It would ease the reproduction of your problem and make it less error prone :-) Commented Jun 5 at 7:36
  • Anyway, it's a clangd configuration problem, not a Vim problem. I voted to close as off-topic. Resources on how to get clangd working should be readily available.
    – Friedrich
    Commented Jun 5 at 8:17


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