I want to bind a key that will open a new terminal running ipython in a vertical split. So far I have figured out opening a new terminal in vertical split:

local map = vim.api.nvim_set_keymap
opts = {noremap = true, silent = true)

map('n', '<Leader>i', ':vsplit | terminal<CR>, opts)

How do I start ipython?

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I would do:

local map = vim.api.nvim_set_keymap
opts = {remap = false, silent = true)

map('n', '<Leader>i', ':vsplit | terminal ipython<CR>a, opts)

The a makes that after starting the Neovim terminal it switch to Insert mode to let the user start editing its statements.

  • I tested this and it works properly thankyou. I figured another way of doing it before you answered and I have posted that one also. In your answer I don't understand what the 'a' is doing exactly after <CR>. Commented Apr 26 at 13:59
  • Thanks for the feedback :-). I have adapted the solution to explain the a part. Commented Apr 26 at 14:02

I was able to do it using

map('n', '<Leader>i', ':vsplit term://ipython --no-confirm-exit<CR>', opts)

I honestly don't even know how it works but it does. I just copied it from someone's github repository.

  • 1
    :help :terminal (maybe :helpgrep term:// for neovim)—the documentation is thorough for those cases when you don't understand something.
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Commented Apr 26 at 16:05

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