The PDF file is not opening with Zathura after the VimTeX compilation. I am using https://github.com/benbrastmckie/.config and the file vimtex.lua in my directory ~/.config/nvim/lua/neotex/plugins contains:

return {
  init = function()
    vim.g['vimtex_view_method'] = 'zathura'        -- main variant with xdotool (requires X11; not compatible with wayland)
    -- vim.g['vimtex_view_method'] = 'zathura_simple' -- for variant without xdotool to avoid errors in wayland
    vim.g['vimtex_quickfix_mode'] = 0              -- suppress error reporting on save and build
    vim.g['vimtex_mappings_enabled'] = 0           -- Ignore mappings
    vim.g['vimtex_indent_enabled'] = 0             -- Auto Indent
    vim.g['tex_flavor'] = 'latex'                  -- how to read tex files
    vim.g['tex_indent_items'] = 0                  -- turn off enumerate indent
    vim.g['tex_indent_brace'] = 0                  -- turn off brace indent
    vim.g['vimtex_context_pdf_viewer'] = 'okular'  -- external PDF viewer run from vimtex menu command
    vim.g['vimtex_log_ignore'] = ({                -- Error suppression:
      'specifier changed to',
      'Token not allowed in a PDF string',

Initially, I was trying with vim.g['vimtex_view_method'] = 'zathura_simple' as being used in the repository. In that case, neither the error showed up nor Zathura opened the PDF.


I just figured VimTeX couldn't open the PDF through Zathura because my working directory name had a colon (:) symbol. For example, if the PDF file main.pdf is in the directory ~/Documents/testing test, I can open it:

zathura '~/Documents/testing test/main.pdf'

But my folder name was testing: test and in that case, it wasn't opening with Zathura:

zathura '~/Documents/testing: test/main.pdf'

Is there any way to fix it? Or is it recommended not to put a colon in the folder or directory names?



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