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how to fix this guys? its my first time to use nvim.. vscode is so laggy on my laptop

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    Please don't share textual data as an image. Instead, edit and paste that error message. Btw, did you install dependencies and compile coc.nvim? Did you follow its installation instructions? I'd recommend any new user to start without plugins and only install any once you're comfortable with the editor itself.
    – Friedrich
    Mar 22 at 6:25
  • Did you run :PlugInstall at all? BTW, your mapping of <C-T> shadows the built-in :help CTRL-T. And why does the comment behind multiple cursors (a feature you don't even need if you can use Vim's built-ins) say it uses CTRL-N when you map <C-N> to :NERDTree five lines below? One of them is not going to work. Start slow.
    – Friedrich
    Mar 22 at 6:58
  • Could you give us information about your OS (e.g. Linux, Windows, macOS)? Mar 22 at 8:07

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I recommend you to verify that:

  • Node.js installed
  • That the node command is available (that the PATH environment variable contains the node executable folder)
  • npm is installed (this is probably not a must but I recommend it)

More information in the coc.nvim installation instructions

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