I am trying to get the output of the following function to an :execute statement such as I have this in my .vimrc

def GetBufAbsPath(): string
    return substitute(expand("%:p"), '[^\/]\+$', '', '')

noremap <F5> :execute '!echo ' ..  GetBufAbsPath() <CR>

And upon pressing I am getting

E117: Unknown function: GetBufAbsPath
  • I can't reproduce your problem :-| Could you share with us your version of Vim (:version)? Can you reproduce the problem with a very simple version of the .vimrc that you can share with us? Mar 18 at 13:10

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I'd use CTRL-R= directly here. Also, it seems like you're trying to emulate expand('%:p:h')

nnoremap <silent> <F5> :<c-u>!echo <c-r>=expand('%:p:h')<cr><cr>

(I'm also not sure why you try to execute :!echo instead of :echo. Let's suppose this is for having a Minimal Working Example)

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