I just want to navigate the contents of a soft link that points to a directory using netrw.

How can I navigate into it?

My OS is: Arch Linux and I use: Zsh

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If the file_to_path feature is present in your version of Vim (use the Vim command :version to verify that then it should work out of the box (using the :Explore command or the gf key command).

Here is a reference to a similar question in SE.

Remark: Tested on Ubuntu + Vim 9.1 / Neovim 0.9.5

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    thanks for your help. I have Neovim 0.9.5 but it looks it doesn't have that feature enabled. I tried both suggested commands and it does nothing. I used a package manager to install it. Maybe I'll need to compile and install it myself. Mar 7 at 17:38
  • Indeed the easiest to get all the feature is to compile Neovim yourself. This is what I have done on Ubuntu and the feature came by default. Mar 7 at 18:27
  • I cloned the neovim repository from github and compiled it as Release and with Debugging information and it didn't included the feature. How can I configure the compilation to enable it? Mar 14 at 14:30
  • I never did it myself but I believe you have to run the ./configure script with the following arguments ./configure --with-features=file_to_path or mabye ./configure --with-features=huge. Then run ./make normally. Mar 14 at 14:38
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    There's no configure script. Mar 14 at 17:24

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